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100% Trustworthy, Reliable & Satisfaction Guaranteed!
by: Guan Teck Jian

Thursday 12 January, 2012

I made my 1st purchase this Wednesday (10/01/2012), having a doubtful mind on the reliability of TMS. Guess what? After I made my payment on Thursday (11/01/2012), TMS delivered my ordered items on the same day! I received my items on Friday (13/01/2012) morning by PosLaju. 100% satisfied! Definitely will buy from TMS in the future. TMS is the real deal folks! It's 100% reliable!

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Good Job

Thanks you. My order received on the next day. Thanks to TMS and Pos Ekspress. I really recommend this website for those who want to buy magic items...

Great Service & Best Price

This is the Best Online Magic Store in Malaysia ! Fast Shipping.. Received item within days ! The Customer Support Team also very helpful ! =)...

Really worth it

My second order arrived today. Thanks for the item! :D

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