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$1000 A Day Show Plan by Devin Knight eBook DOWNLOAD

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Price: RM64.50

Date Added: Thursday 19 March, 2020
This is book #3 in Devin Knight's "Marketing For Magicians Series". This is a proven plan that you can easily use to make at least thousand dollars a ... more info
$wap (DVD and Gimmick) by Nicholas Lawerence - DVD

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Price: RM108.75

Date Added: Tuesday 29 March, 2016
"Swap" in three words: PRACTICAL, ORIGINAL, STUNNING. Nicholas Lawrence releases his "pet" pocket effect, which he does every day to amaze the people ... more info
(HR) 25 Amazing Magic Tricks with a Thumbtip, DVD

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Price: RM52.20

Date Added: Friday 01 October, 2004
Imagine having the power to vanish nearly any small object, in any situation, whenever you want! That's the sort of versatility a Thumb Tip can ... more info
(PRODUCT) Red Special Edition Playing Cards by theory11

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Price: RM43.28

Date Added: Monday 30 March, 2020
Every deck makes a difference. AIDS is the leading cause of death among young women worldwide. Yet it is preventable and treatable. theory11 is proud ... more info
(PRODUCT)RED Playing Cards

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Price: RM79.80

Date Added: Friday 24 November, 2017
The deck itself is breathtaking, with a simple, minimalist, deep red design blind embossed with an objective we all share: Imagine a world without ... more info
(Super Version) Double Face Super Triple Coin is a surprisingly perfect coin set. When you have (Super Version) Double Face Super Triple Coin , it ... more info
Effect This is just a ordinary black sharpie. Sold only in boxes of a dozen.
1 Deck 14 Tricks 24 Hours Volume 2 by Matthew J. Dowden & RSVP - DVD

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Price: RM130.50

Date Added: Tuesday 30 October, 2007
We set Matthew J. Dowden on a challenge... Learn 7 world class easy-to-do card tricks within 24 hours and then go out onto the streets of London and ... more info
1 inch Crochet Balls (Red) by Uday - Trick

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Price: RM9.57

Date Added: Friday 01 October, 2004
One hand-made red crochet ball (the same balls used in the Cups and Balls).
1 inch Regular Sponge Ball (Black) Bag of 50 from Magic by Gosh

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Price: RM79.82

Date Added: Friday 01 October, 2004
1" Regular Sponge Ball (Black) Bag of 50


Very Good

i have received the product that i have ordered safe and sound.. :) this is the best place for a magician to shop! thanks!

this is real...

ive got my order in juz 2 days...wat a great services....thank you so much....

Feel The Satisfaction

This is my 3rd time shopping here. I purchased a lot of decks and other magic props. What I want to say is Excellent, Fast, and 100% Trusted. For...

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