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by: Shamil Azrul

Friday 25 December, 2009

Great service are good and item quality is good to

"tips" if customer order a powdered product please seal the powdered product.because my fanning powder has been open by pos laju and dono what they do with it because when i received it my fanning powder can is half empty

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best magic shop in malaysia!

simple, they give good service, they are trustworthy, shipping is cheap, they are fast. i ordered a bunch of bicycle decks. and after i...

Really fast and relliable

I ordered my items on a Sunday and it arrived in Tuesday, really fast considering both the items I ordered had to be imported from the US.

Its true & real

Mr. jockson. Thank you. i finally believe this site is true and trustful. i just received my props safety and sound. and about the no stock, you can...

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