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(image for) Suprisingly Fast!
by: Fauzi Darus

Wednesday 26 February, 2014

I placed my order about 2 days ago, and was actually out of town. I expected I would receive my order when I get back to Kedah by next week.
Surprisingly, my sister called in today from home saying that there's a parcel for me. I really didn't expect the delivery was going to be that fast, considering the fact that it was sent from Skudai, Johor!
It was truly efficient, well done guys! You have my utmost respect in the company!
All the best.

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Can I say the best? I repeat THE BEST! This is crazy! The Magic Street is trustable. I have spent a thousands of riggit on this store! Yes a...

1st Order

Just received my 1st order of Bicycle Card deck. ORIGINAL item, GOOD quality, FAST service. Definitely will buy again from TMS soon.


Nothing I can complain about. Cheap and efficient. Definitely going to buy more from The Magic Street. Thanks for your wonderful services. Salute!!!

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