Bicycle Gargoyle

Bicycle Gargoyle

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  • Model: Gargoyle
  • Shipping Weight: 0.25lbs
  • Manufactured by: Diavoli Productions


The Gargoyle deck is released !

Now available from us or your local Card Store !

The Bicycle Gargoyles deck was printed at a Q1 level meaning ?? highest quality available.

The Bicycle Gargoyles deck features a completely different finish called the ??Magic Finish?? that is new from the USPC.  The only way to get the new ??Magic Finish?? is on the sheet fed press.

The Bicycle Gargoyles Deck and another Brand deck are the only 2 production decks that have this finish on them currently. 

The new Bicycle Gargoyle deck is designed by Lance T. Miller and produced and distributed by Diavoli Productions.

The incredibly popular Diavoli range of playing cards reaches new heights of jaw dropping design with the Bicycle Gargoyle Deck. Inspired by the ruins of gothic churches and cathedrals.