Artifice Red Uncut Playing Card Sheet

Artifice Red Uncut Playing Card Sheet

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  • Manufactured by: Ellusionist


The Red Artifice was originally created as an exclusive deck for use by Ellusionist artists and staff. Due to high public demand it instead became the first Limited deck offered for public sale. Of the 5000 decks printed, only 3000 were sold - the rest were held in reserve for gifts, prizes and promotions.

Before receiving shipment of the decks, we had the over-run of sheets pulled off the presses and shipped to us separately as staff mementos, ensuring that exactly 5000 decks were created. This shipment of sheets was delivered to our wholesale warehouse in May, 2011, and somehow remained unopened until recently.

With a massive line-up of playing cards being released this year, space in our warehouses is currently at a premium and the decision was made to let these exquisite sheets go. Now is your opportunity to obtain a rare Red Artifice uncut sheets - while they're still available.