Madison Dealers - Erdnase Green

Madison Dealers - Erdnase Green

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Dealers Playing Cards contain a Daniel Madison marking system. With each deck, you will receive a downloadable movie teaching the system.

With each twelve decks ordered you will receive a Scarlet Dealers deck while they last (Daniel has generously contributed 405 scarlet Dealers from his personal supply...... only 2500 made). Note: In this 24 hour BlackClub Pre-Release Window no limit is applied to Black Club Members - the 405 limit will start with the General Release tomorrow. If you purchase 12 decks today, you will receive a Scarlet Deck, free.

Marked decks can cost between $20-$30, but Daniel wishes to offer his system at the price of a normal deck of cards as you can see above.

Scarlet Dealers, however, are priceless..... few were manufactured and no more will ever be made. Occasionally Daniel may release a few for special events but the 405 given here will need to suffice for general release, and will be the easiest way to obtain a Scarlet Dealers if you can be prompt about ordering.

Dealers in Erdnase Green use the exact pantone color of the book Expert at the Card Table by S. W. Erdnase.

As used in 1902, these playing cards utilize an edge-to-edge borderless casino "gambling house" design. If you are worried about double lifts etc, perhaps it's time to stop relying on white borders to hide inefficiencies. These cards will help you to get good at what you do. Madison has used the edge-to-edge design for that single purpose since he was a teenager taking people's money in real games.

We cannot emphasize enough. The cards are printed to Daniel's specifications and are the essence of a standard held long ago. They almost fan themselves. Seconds are smoother than anything you may have been advantaged to feel before.

If you believe these fine playing cards fit your personal style, pick up a deck or twelve and put them through the wringer: bottoms, centers, shifts, palms, changes and switches. See how these trusted sleights feel in your hands. If you end up with twelve decks in your order, please enjoy Daniel's Scarlet gift to you at no additional cost.