Mystery Smoke by Antonio Vitali & Frank Borton

Mystery Smoke by Antonio Vitali & Frank Borton

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  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: The Magic Street


The most powerful vanishing device ever made is also the most powerful smoke device ever made. With short sleeves, make objects vanish in a cloud of smoke. This is Mystery Smoke.

A complete sell-out at FISM, and Blackpool, the two most prestigious magic events in the world.

- Compact and ergonomic with only one battery
- New concept has three different functions
- Short-sleeved Smoke Effect (Real Magic)

The MYSTERY SMOKE-MAGIC BOX comes complete with all 3 different set-ups included: Classic, Short-Sleeves, Vanished Objects

In the box you'll find:
- One Central Unit contained in a shell;
- 3 special accessories exclusively conceived for MYSTERY SMOKE;
- Mystery Smoke Special fluid and atomizer container 0.4 ml;
- Rechargeable battery 3,7V Lithium ion 1100 mA;
- Charger Xtar MCO with fast charge function;
- Cable for stealth button;
- USB Cable for the charger.