Crown Black Playing Cards v1

Crown Black Playing Cards v1

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Ever since we debuted the original Blue Crown Decks in May of 2011, people have known that they're something special. The popularity only increased when we released Red and Green versions to complement the original Blue Decks. Today we are happy to unveil the Black Crowns, bringing the Crown Deck series to a beautiful and elegant conclusion. This deck features our beloved back design, now rendered in stunning black and metallic silver inks. The Black Crown deck is sophisticated enough for the high roller table at any casino. The flexible, durable card stock and premium finish ensure that the decks handle like a dream.

For the box, we've taken things down a notch. Instead of showcasing our glorious Ace of Spades design, the box has a minimalist look. It's a solid black bar with an embossed silver Crown logo on the front corner. One glance at the box tells you that there's something truly special inside. The box is made from thick imported paper for long-term durability.

Only 5,000 of the Black Crown decks have been printed, and they will never be printed again. 3,000 of the decks are now for sale, with the remaining 2,000 set aside to be used as prizes during the holidays and for future contests. The time has come. Get your Black Crown decks now and add a dash of elegance to your magic.