The Magic Street opened for business since 2007, it is Malaysia's the 1st and the largest online magic store. Unlike other magic shops, The Magic Street is the only Malaysia authorized magic retailer which selling original products.

We proudly offer over 14,000 different magic products including Downloads, Books, Tricks, and DVDs. These products range from beginner to expert level and cross a wide range of genres including beginner, classical, parlor, close-up, juggling, mentalism, busking, street and even limited stage and illusion offerings.

Join us if you are interested in magic and want to be kept informed, save money, and get the latest tricks before any of your magic friends.


Featured Products

If an Octopus Could Palm (Book + Playing Cards)

Dan and Dave's first book reveals over ...

Cased by PE Illusions

Just a very few magicians took a crunch...

Side Show by Joshua Jay - Trick

Question: Is it possible for a playing ...

Floating Bill (With Gimmick) by Jon Jensen - Trick

One of the Most Devastating Tricks you ...

Pip Art by Dan Harlan - Trick

Effect A spectator's chosen card is los...

Psi-Con Ruse by Phil Goldstein - Trick

An Approach to Dr. Jaks' classic "Super...

Street Magic Magazine October/November 2007 Issue - Book

This issue's Feature is Jay Sankey, one...


New Products For February

Trusting in Magic (DVD and Blue Gimmick) by Henry Evans - Trick

A card is selected and placed back in t...

Trusting in Magic (DVD and Red Gimmick) by Henry Evans - Trick

A card is selected and placed back in t...

Searching Jookers (DVD and Red Gimmicks) by Henry Evans - Trick

A twist of a classic effect -- it's a "...

Searching Jookers (DVD and Blue Gimmicks) by Henry Evans - Trick

A twist of a classic effect -- it's a "...

The Reputation Maker by Harry Robson and Matthew Wright - Trick

The Reputation Maker sees two-time FISM...

Devour (DVD and Gimmick) by SansMinds Creative Lab - DVD

One of the most important aspects of ma...


Monthly Specials For February

Ellusionist Holiday Wristband

These sleek black wristband are not onl...

RM32.00 RM15.00Save: 53% off
Smoke & Mirrors v6: Red Edition

The sixth and final edition of our colo...

RM112.00 RM80.00Save: 29% off
Red Verve Deck - Trick

Verve is defined as having vigor, spiri...

RM45.00 RM35.00Save: 22% off
Double Take by Paul Richards - Trick

Double Take is a deceptive double color...

RM112.00 RM65.80Save: 41% off
Poker Chip - regular Bicycle 100

These interlocking poker chips are easy...

RM31.00 RM24.00Save: 23% off
Tiger Stainless Steel Custom Card Clip

IMAGINE the looks you'll get when you p...

RM76.00 RM60.00Save: 21% off
Lock Stock & Riot by Peter Mckinnon

A Note from Peter McKinnon This DVD is ...

RM134.00 RM99.00Save: 26% off
Bubble Zombie (Props and DVD) by Losander - DVD

Losander is recognized throughout the w...

RM668.00 RM480.00Save: 28% off
Arcane Red Playing Cards

Born from a long forgotten prototyped s...

RM223.00 RM105.00Save: 53% off

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Good service

I'm very happy today! B'cos I just got my Variety Box V4 frm The Magic Street...I'm very satisfied with this box,especially is the Smoke&Mirror...

Cheap, fast and reliable

I ordered and both my decks were sent after 3 days which is shocking because the item need to be imported first. Item were carefully wrapped and no...


Fast and efficient seller. Very happy with the service.

Well Done

Good Job TMS


me and my friend thought that this whole thing was a scam... but when the decks we ordered came to our mailbox, we could'nt believe it.... thanx...