The Magic Street opened for business since 2007, it is Malaysia's the 1st and the largest online magic store. Unlike other magic shops, The Magic Street is the only Malaysia authorized magic retailer which selling original products.

We proudly offer over 15,000 different magic products including Downloads, Books, Tricks, and DVDs. These products range from beginner to expert level and cross a wide range of genres including beginner, classical, parlor, close-up, juggling, mentalism, busking, street and even limited stage and illusion offerings.

Join us if you are interested in magic and want to be kept informed, save money, and get the latest tricks before any of your magic friends.


Featured Products

Crown Black Playing Cards v1

Ever since we debuted the original Blue...

RM62.00 RM39.00Save: 37% off
Red Verve Deck

Verve is defined as having vigor, spiri...

Bicycle Asura Red Deck by Gambler's Warehouse

Inspired by Asura the Demigod from Chin...

The Code by Andy Nyman

The Code is more than a method. It's a ...

White Lions Series B Red

Our entire run of White Lions Series A ...

White Lions Series B Blue

"Our entire run of White Lions Series A...

Cased by PE Illusions

Just a very few magicians took a crunch...

Side Show by Joshua Jay - Trick

Question: Is it possible for a playing ...


New Products For January

Billing Card by Adrian Vega - Trick

Criss Angel's Supernaturalist, Adrian V...

4" Linking Rings (Chrome) by TCC - Trick

Close-up version of the Chinese Linking...

CONTROLE (Red) by Mickael Chatelain - Trick

A fabulous mentalism effect! Five predi...

Bicycle 808 Seconds (Red) Playing Cards by US Playing Cards

Since 1885, Bicycle?? Playing Cards has...

Bicycle 808 Seconds (Blue) Playing Cards by US Playing Cards

Since 1885, Bicycle?? Playing Cards has...

Card to Wallet (Artificial Leather) by TCC - Trick

A great wallet for the Card to Wallet e...

4" Linking Rings (Black) by TCC - Trick

Close-up version of the Chinese Linking...


Monthly Specials For January

A Single Needle by Wayne Houchin

From the age of 12 Wayne has been obses...

RM123.00 RM99.00Save: 20% off
Treasures Set Vol 1-3 by Alexander DeCova - DVD

Multiple award-winner, Alexander De Cov...

RM319.00 RM192.00Save: 40% off
Dancing Cane Aluminum by Tango - Trick (A0022)

Effect The Cane magically dances in the...

RM199.00 RM160.00Save: 20% off
Cobra Tie in Basket (Snake Basket) by Premium Magic - Trick

The magician borrows a tie from a membe...

RM180.00 RM143.65Save: 20% off
Mentalist Symbol Pack (Deck and Video) by Anton James

MSP is a new tool for the world of ment...

RM120.00 RM95.00Save: 21% off
Virtuoso Fall/Winter 2017 Deck

Superb Deck for Cardistry! The new Virt...

RM72.00 RM64.00Save: 11% off
Ellusionist Black Wristband

These sleek black wristband are not onl...

RM29.00 RM15.00Save: 48% off
Build your own Variety Box

This unique kit includes a pre-assemble...

RM60.00 RM38.00Save: 37% off
Voodoo Doll by Top Hat Productions - Trick

Effect The Magician shows a realistic l...

RM40.00 RM30.00Save: 25% off

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Ive looked at other shops here in malaysia and this offers the best prices... Service seems good but the only problem is that some of the cards...

The Best

To: TMS,i was happy with the service that you provided. Lately i bought some product from TMS and one of the product is DEFECTED. At first it was...

Absolutely fantastic!

the delivery was amazing. Ordered on the 10th, arrive here at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 11th!! i had some problem with 1 of the item, they handled...

My First Choice

Seriously guys, you don't want to miss this one, when you come across TMS. Get to know all their products and prices, place your order now, and don't...

Buying more!!!!

i just want to say What The F*** cause im damn happy about getting my stuff cause this is my first time getting it and im damn happy cause the price...