The Magic Street opened for business since 2007, it is Malaysia's the 1st and the largest online magic store. Unlike other magic shops, The Magic Street is the only Malaysia authorized magic retailer which selling original products.

We proudly offer over 15,000 different magic products including Downloads, Books, Tricks, and DVDs. These products range from beginner to expert level and cross a wide range of genres including beginner, classical, parlor, close-up, juggling, mentalism, busking, street and even limited stage and illusion offerings.

Join us if you are interested in magic and want to be kept informed, save money, and get the latest tricks before any of your magic friends.


Featured Products

Pip Art by Dan Harlan - Trick

Effect A spectator's chosen card is los...

Psi-Con Ruse by Phil Goldstein - Trick

An Approach to Dr. Jaks' classic "Super...

Street Magic Magazine October/November 2007 Issue - Book

This issue's Feature is Jay Sankey, one...

Treasures Set Vol 1-3 by Alexander DeCova - DVD

Multiple award-winner, Alexander De Cov...

RM344.00 RM192.00Save: 44% off
Appearing 8 foot Straw by Sorcery Manufacturing - Trick

Effect The Magician brings out a huge s...

Cobra Tie in Basket (Snake Basket) by Premium Magic - Trick

The magician borrows a tie from a membe...

RM194.00 RM143.65Save: 26% off
Compress by SansMinds Creative Lab - DVD

Compress is an impromptu illusion with ...


New Products For November

Loporcaro Handcuffs by Amazo Magic - Trick

A fabulous Handcuff Escape, and these l...

Back of Tora Cube (Handcraft Antique)

Magic and Audience Participation togeth...

Tora Red Box

Produce Objects Magically in the Blink ...

Tora Magician's Table

Make your Magic Shows even more fun! Th...

Tora Clown Table

Make your Kids' Shows even more fun! If...

Tora Crystal Drawer Box

This is a HOT one! Show a see-through c...

Papilio Ulysses Playing Cards

Real beauty is understated and confiden...

Bicycle Steampunk Playing Cards by USPCC

At the edge of industry, therein lies S...

The Lilliputians by Will Ayling - Book

The Lilliputians is a FANTASTIC book FI...


Monthly Specials For November

RM194.00 RM130.00Save: 33% off
RM323.00 RM307.00Save: 5% off
Remarkable (DVD and Gimmick) by Richard Sanders -DVD

Transform your Sharpie Marker into a se...

RM129.00 RM90.00Save: 30% off
Nesting Shell Coins - Malaysia 10 20 50 Cent (NOT LOCKING)

The magician shows a coin in his left h...

RM88.00 RM50.00Save: 43% off
Lennart Green Playing Cards

This commemorative deck of cards design...

RM60.00 RM35.00Save: 42% off
eXile by Mathieu Bich

// X Marks This Spot From the award-wi...

RM151.00 RM120.00Save: 21% off
Pyro Fireshooter By Adam Wilber

This is not a toy. This is a "badass" p...

RM749.00 RM488.00Save: 35% off
Ellusionist T-Shirt - XL - Masters

It's the perfect shirt. Soft, full-cott...

RM86.00 RM38.00Save: 56% off
Gaetan Bloom's Linking Pins - DVD by Mayette Magie Moderne

A close-up routine, completely spellbin...

RM172.00 RM120.00Save: 30% off

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