The Magic Street opened for business since 2007, it is Malaysia's the 1st and the largest online magic store. Unlike other magic shops, The Magic Street is the only Malaysia authorized magic retailer which selling original products.

We proudly offer over 15,000 different magic products including Downloads, Books, Tricks, and DVDs. These products range from beginner to expert level and cross a wide range of genres including beginner, classical, parlor, close-up, juggling, mentalism, busking, street and even limited stage and illusion offerings.

Join us if you are interested in magic and want to be kept informed, save money, and get the latest tricks before any of your magic friends.


Featured Products

Bicycle Actuators Cards (Black and White)

What is Steampunk? Steampunk is a cultu...

Cloud 9 by CIGMA Magic - Trick

Cloud 9 , produced and created by Cigma...

Hummer Card - Trick

Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc. Proudly P...

Crown Black Playing Cards v1

Ever since we debuted the original Blue...

RM66.00 RM39.00Save: 41% off
Red Verve Deck

Verve is defined as having vigor, spiri...

RM43.00 RM35.00Save: 19% off
Bicycle Asura Red Deck by Gambler's Warehouse

Inspired by Asura the Demigod from Chin...

The Code by Andy Nyman

The Code is more than a method. It's a ...

White Lions Series B Red

Our entire run of White Lions Series A ...


New Products For September

Okito Box by Lewis Ganson - Book

This book discusses the Okito Box in fu...

MAGIKUB by Federico Poeymiro - Trick

Do you think you have seen everything r...

Sponge Ball to Duck by Mr. Magic - Trick

Transform two white sponge balls into o...

Crystal Flash Appearance Box (8" x 8" x 8") by Mr. Magic - Trick

Show an empty, clear box and on your co...

X by James Conti - Trick

The power to manipulate ink! Change ink...

Himber Coin Purse by Jerry O'Connell and PropDog - Trick

A great way to switch a coin! The lates...

Perfect VanishRing Box - Trick

Here's a great tool for vanishes, or ev...


Monthly Specials For September

RM151.00 RM92.40Save: 39% off
RM151.00 RM92.40Save: 39% off
Pure Smoke Refills

- Very, very safe water-like vapor. No ...

RM110.00 RM60.00Save: 45% off
Holely (Original Version) by Will Tsai and SansMinds - Tricks

We thought it was only possible in cart...

RM108.00 RM70.00Save: 35% off
Vanishink by Jay Sankey - DVD

Easy to do! Visually shocking! Perfect ...

RM108.00 RM60.00Save: 44% off
Extremely Ambitious by Jay Sankey - DVD

"I started performing 'Ambitious Card' ...

RM172.00 RM96.00Save: 44% off
RM86.00 RM49.00Save: 43% off
Solitary by Cameron Francis and Paper Crane Magic - DVD

From the mind of Cameron Francis comes ...

RM86.00 RM49.00Save: 43% off
Mystery Smoke by Antonio Vitali & Frank Borton

The most powerful vanishing device ever...

RM1,075.00 RM945.00Save: 12% off

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great magic supplier in malaysia

i get all of my supplies from magicstreet, so far everything is sent to me in good condition and if there's any problems, i just send it back to them...

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I bought Smiley by Laurent Mikelfield for RM 105.00 here at and paid additional RM 8.00 for Postage. Somewhere near my house in...

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It's the best. I had no issues at all with TMS. Bravo!


Suprised to receive the product on the next day since it was in stock. Very fast delivery and reliable seller who sells authentic products.Highly...